Put Your Weight Loss On Autopilot

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Lose 5 Pounds in 30 Days Or Get Your Money Back

Hit Your Perfect Calorie Deficit Everyday. Guaranteed. 

Lose 5 Pounds in 30 Days Or Get Your Money Back

Hit Your Perfect Calorie Deficit Everyday. Guaranteed. 

How It Works

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Calculate Your Calorie Target

Find your exact calorie target with our calculator.

Pick Your Favorite Foods

Choose your favorite dishes. Our chefs tailor the recipe to your unique calorie target to create your Goldilocks meals.

Ready to Eat Meals at Your Doorstep

Your personalized meals arrive at your doorstep. Simply warm them up in the microwave or oven.

How We Make Weight Loss Automatic


Endless Chores
Everyday you’re stuck in the kitchen for hours cooking and cleaning. Every few days you need to make another grocery run and the receipt seems to get bigger each time.

Stressful Tracking
You’re haunted by food scales, measuring cups, and the anxiety of guesstimating portions.
As soon as life gets busy, you’re forced to eat something you can’t track and it makes you feel like giving up.

Inconsistent Results
You end each day with doubt—uncertain about how many calories you ate and you have no idea if you’ll end up losing weight.


Time Savings

Reclaim over 10 hours a week by eliminating grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning from your routine.

Delicious Chef-Prepared Meals

Enjoy delicious, personalized meals prepared by professional chefs. Eat a different meal everyday and enjoy more variety in your diet than ever.

Worry-Free Results

Achieve your weight loss goals effortlessly with your Goldilocks meals  that ensure you hit your calorie target every day. No matter what life throws at you, your progress is not something that will fluctuate. No need to track calories or weigh yourself daily.

Natural Ingredients

High Protein, Non-GMO whole foods. The simplest ingredients for your healthiest self. Our fresh ingredients are sourced directly from local California farms. This helps us offer the freshest quality at affordable prices by eliminating the middleman.

Healthy Living Made Accessible

Healthy eating should be accessible to everyone. That's why we sell our ready to eat meals at zero profit prices. Ready to eat allows everyone to fit it into their busy lifestyle. Zero profit prices ensures affordable meals in as many homes as possible.

Results and Simplicity

Weight loss comes down to being in a consistent calorie deficit. Every person has unique calorie needs. We help you stick to your calorie deficit eating while enjoying your favorite foods made with high protein, whole food ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your personalized meals are the lowest price per ounce of any meal delivery service. We only charge what it takes to get the meals to your doorstep. This comes out to around $5-7 per serving and as low as $20 for a full day of meals.

Yes! Your meals arrive ready to eat in individual trays. Simply warm them up in the microwave or oven. 

Yes! In order to lose weight you simply need to be in a calorie deficit. We find your ideal calorie target and ensure you hit it everyday with high protein and nutritious whole foods.

Absolutely. You can pause, cancel, or reduce the amount of meals at any time. 

The autopilot plan includes two large meals (four servings) that bring you to your exact calorie target daily. Enjoy full control to adjust the quantity of meals to your preferences and lifestyle.